Harwood Art Center's Harvest CSA Project

This 2013/2014 project was for the Harwood Art Center's inaugural Harvest Community Supported Art (CSA) program in Albuquerque, NM.  Ten artists were selected to create small works that were purchased as an art share "box" by joining members.

Statement: The plants that grace our yards, homes, and tables give to us physically, spiritually, and aesthetically, not only through smell and taste, but through their form and color.  They give us beauty, and if we take a moment, a connection with the rhythms and cycles of our lives.  For the Harvest CSA, I will be creating abstract paintings based on the colors of the summer and fall harvests: the purple-red of beets, the vibrant red of radishes, the lovely yellows and greens of summer squash.  I hope to give each CSA member a small remembrance of the gifts of summer.

Jill Christian 2014 Harvest
2014 Harvest
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